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The AFROPOP Festival appears to give voice to the effervescence of the contemporary scenario of black art in the country, exalting the multiplicity of music, highlighting the Brazilian rhythmic diversity and uniting artists from different generations on a single stage. Hosted by the artist Margareth Menezes, the Festival brought together names such as Márcia Short, Olodum, Dão, Panteras Negras, Tulani Masai and Cronista do Morro. In addition to the musical shows, the festival featured participation in audiovisual recordings of testimonies from great Brazilian artists who were instrumental in the formation of current Afro-urban references. The event was broadcast on YouTube by Margareth Menezes, with simultaneous transmission by TVE Bahia.  

Partner: Pedra do Mar and Margareth Menezes
Actions: 02 days of Festival (2021)
Service Provided: Funding, Production and Financial Management
Financing: Secretary of Culture of the State of Bahia, through the Aldri Blanc Law


Giro is responsible for carrying out the Afrocidade TV project, which is the online version of the Afrocidade - Formative Actions project, proposed by the group for the Camaçari Culture public notice. The project foresees the creation of 07 training videos, which will be made available on the instagram of the Afrocidade group, with the themes of dance, percussion and rhyme.


Partner: Afrocity
Actions: Launch of 07 video classes (2021)
Service Provided: Funding, Production and Financial Management
Financing: Secretary of Culture of Camaçari

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Children of the Future was a Creative Center set up for the development of two animated series, Jamila, Aprendiz de Astronauta and Hyperpilotos, both aimed at children and youth and with a futuristic and sci-fi theme. The projects were elaborated by two teams of screenwriters from Bahia in processes that resulted in the writing of the first treatment of eight scripts, sixteen melodies and two sales bibles.

Screenwriters:  Marcelo Lima (Hyperpilots and  Jamila, Astronaut Apprentice) and Lara Carvalho (Hyperpilots)
Actions: Development of an animation project for children and young people (2021)
Service Provided: Funding, Production and Financial Management
Financing: Secretary of Culture of the State of Bahia through the Aldir Blanc Law

Stage: Development


Conceived by Giro, the project “Pagodão da Bahia em Londres” had the purpose of promoting a cultural connection between the rhythms of popular music from Bahia, especially the Bahian pagodão, and the rhythms of the African matrix, present in the Brixton neighborhood, in London. . For this, the first international tour of the Afrocidade group, in September 2018, was carried out through the project, in addition to training actions, through two Percussion and Dance workshops "Pagodão da Bahia" - taught by the members of the group - associated with two artistic experiences. between the members of Afrocidade and the Senegalese master Aida Diop. The action was carried out through the partnership of the producers Giro Planejamento Cultural (Brazil), Mama Sounds (Brazil/London) and Movimientos (London)

Partner: Mama Sounds (Brazil/London), Movimientos (London) 
Actions: Workshops, exchanges and musical performances by the Afrocidade group in:
    Rich Mix in East London (2018)
    Brixton Come Together Festival at Hootananny in Brixton, London (2018)
   The Word Transformed Festival, at Constellations & The Observatory, Liverpool (2018)

Service Provided: Idealization, capture, production and financial management
Financing: Mobility Notice – Department of Culture of the State of Bahia

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By the sea, BeGin brought a new experience with gin, offering islands of creative drinks, unprecedented and full of daring, providing unique sensations to the public and vigorous sound immersions in the Cultura Sound System, under the command of the Ministereo Público Sistema de Som . With the signature of Bombar e Giro Planejamento Cultural, the party, which had its first edition held at the Nautical Tourist Terminal of Bahia – Comércio, offering 8 hours of uninterrupted music, with special participation of local and national artists. The event featured guest appearances by Pedro Pondé, AfroManjaro Roots, Freelion, Pali, Okwei Odili, Trap Funk & Alívio, Cronista do Morro, Vandal, Mahal Pitta and Rico Dalasam.

Partner: Bombar
Actions: 1st edition of BeGin (2019)
Service Provided: Production and Financial Management 

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