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To spin consists in moving around an axis – the words that orient our existence. The matrix is
evident: ability, work, engagement, mobilization, transformation.


What we set to move around this center is the power of cultural production, under the management of three women that, together, shape the Giro Planejamento Cultural.


Flávia Santana, Gabriela Rocha and Joana Giron are the names
behind the story.


Based in the city of Salvador, Bahia, the company promotes, creates, develops, consults and reflects on projects in several fields of culture. Since 2014, there have been over 70 projects executed, approximately one hundred events and another hundred formative actions, which generates almost 4 thousand direct jobs and reaches more than 450 thousand people in more than 30 cities and other countries. These are the figures that account for a committed routine towards solid, measurable and visible results, with wide and international expansion.

Giro authors ideas, with projects that come from our own proposals and, equally, those elaborated and accomplished with our support. The company is engaged with artistic projects with a transforming impact that mobilize people, dialogue with social-political urgent issues and reach individuals, groups and communities. We also achieve the demanded mastership of market practices, a strong network of partners and clientele, while taking our specificities and desire into consideration, with strategies able to produce successful actions in the cultural economy sectors. Our vision aims at increasing perspectives and opportunities.

The Giro spin is non-stop. Let’s move together!


Elaboration and Design of Cultural Projects


Enrollment of projects in Call for Entries and in Cultural Incentive Acts


Executive Production of Events and Cultural Projects


Budgetary and Administrative Management


Consultancy in Cultural Investments

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